5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Solo

5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Solo

You’ve probably heard many, many stories about solo travellers, their amazing adventures and vast experiences – and then wondered why someone chooses to travel solo? So often, we are confined by our thoughts and what others tell us: “Solo travel is dangerous, it’s better to travel with a group or family” but those who travel solo, will tell you that sometimes, travelling by yourself is the most liberating feeling you can experience!

Here’s 5 convincing reasons why:


1. Self Discovery/ Self Realization/ Self Reflection

Travelling solo can bring up a multitude of feelings, emotions, moods and thoughts. Being alone, away from your comfort zone, away from your belongings can help you identify what you can do without and what is important to you. Sometimes, we have different personalities when we are with family and friends, travelling solo will help you discover who you really are when none of those familiar faces are around. Without the constant probe for conversation and activity, you have the freedom to explore your own potential and reflect on what makes you truly happy (the desire to travel more, right!?).


2. Perfectly Planned Itinerary – coming up!

Want to pursue your travel passions with reckless abandonment? Travel solo! There is no better time to plan your perfect itinerary than when you are travelling by yourself. Whether you are a foodie, history buff, dare-devil or cultural enthusiast, you can plan your trip to exactly what you like without the hassle of someone else changing it. Also, if you are still trying to figure out what kind of travel you love, travelling solo will give you major insight into distinguishing what you love!


3. Higher Appreciation of your Surroundings

Seeing places in pictures is great, you know how it looks from all angles. Yet, when you visit the exact same place, the excitement, experience and emotion is definitely different. What’s better is when you visit it while you are travelling solo, you have no distractions to take away from your experience. You are completely open to your understanding of the culture, lifestyle, history and adventure!


4. Better Opportunities to Interact with Locals

Often when travelling with a group, there is always one or two people that will act as a spokesperson for the group – especially if they can communicate in the language of the place you are visiting. Travelling solo enables you to interact more with locals, it somewhat forces you to learn a foreign language or a few words at least, to ask for directions, order food, and most importantly to absorb a different culture. By having better opportunities to interact with locals of a place, you will ultimately gain a better understanding and better knowledge of the place, culture and lifestyle.


5. Boosts Confidence & Self Esteem

Travelling solo will come with a number of firsts – first time going through airport security alone, first time flying alone, first time in a new city alone, first time on tour alone etc. By facing all of these things alone, you are crushing some of the fears and inhibitions you may had. Travelling by yourself will push you completely outside of your comfort zone, and for some, you may sink at first but you will probably always rise above and conquer your fears and the mindsets of others!



There are various reasons why people travel solo, some unique and some as old as time, what ever the reason may be, I urge you to try it out at least once!

What are some of the reasons why you travel solo? If you have travelled solo before, share your experience in the comments below!

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Hello Yeshi

24 thoughts on “5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Solo

  1. Traveling solo is the best part for any traveller and you have explained the reason so nicely. Your post will definitely going to boost confidence in people out there to step out and travel. It was amazing experience reading you post. Keep it up

  2. Traveling solo always give me a sense of freedom and peace. You do not need to account to anyone to where you are going and you can choose to stay at a destination longer if you wish to. When one travels alone, your mind is at ease and inspiration flows freely. Great article! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I travel solo most of the times are you are so right, it is so much easier to interact with locals when you are alone. I also like that I can set my own itinerary and there is nobody to let me down or make me change my plans. Plus, even if I am traveling solo, I am never alone. I always meet people.

  4. I think everyone should try traveling solo at least once in their life! I was terrified when I did. Not about my safety, but about forcing myself outside of my comfort zone – especially to interact with so many strangers! But yes, it was so nice to have the exact itinerary that I wanted.

  5. I think this will be helpful for those who are kinda having 2nd thought of doing it. I was scared when I did this the first time, what ifs and that I have no one just myself. But I was wrong. I traveled solo thrice! And it taught me a lot of things, and surprisingly, I felt so happy.

  6. You bring up some great points on traveling solo from getting out of your comfort zone to following your own schedule. Although I don’t solo travel often, I find it a little stressful as I need to be organized on where to go next. Plus, it’s still awkward for me to go up to someone to ask them to take a photo.

  7. I did a tourist things alone in some cities but I have never traveled alone. I don’t know if I would enjoy it to be honest but some of the things you share here are so true.

  8. I have not traveled solo but all your 5 reasons are very convincing. Gaining self esteem and enjoying neighborhoods truly is wonderful thing we get from solo traveling. Also we get more chance to interact with locals when we are alone.

  9. I like the freedom you get from travelling solo. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want without needing to negotiate with other people. Nice reflective post on the benefits of travelling solo.

  10. Hi Yeshi,
    Great post! I think you really nailed it when you said that solo travel is perfect for self discovery and self reflection. I have been traveling solo for a long time and I love it. Another point that you made is that solo travel boosts confidence. It is very true. I think that it teaches us to make decisions on our own.
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. I like reasons number 3 and 4 bests as you have your own time. You don’t have to think whether others like the place or not. Or, whether they want to mingle with the locals.

  12. As I designated solo-traveller, I have not much to add. Especially the planning-part is great and also that you don’t lose so much time with another person being constantly hungry and tired etc. There are only two things that are better if you have company: Dining out and annoying situations. Dining out is not simply eating, but a social event, and in an annoying situation, another person can distract you from your troubles (or getting on your nerves even more – depends on the person 😉 )

  13. I’ve been travelling Solo, just a few times. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it so much. The point 4 is true, you do not just meet random people, but sometimes you make good buddies and go for a little piece of the trip together.

  14. These are all such great reasons and I travelled solo for 2.5yrs before having kids and loved every second – also you meet so many amazing people along the way and I think you’re more open to making those connections when your solo travelling

    Laura x

  15. I totally agree with these points. The most convincing is self realisation. It is of utmost importance for me. Thanks for sharing your views about solo traveling. 👍

  16. I traveled and volunteered solo in Morocco and had the best time. It allowed me to be so independent and interact with locals. I learned so much about myself and the culture!

  17. I just love traveling solo, because of all the reasons you mention. I don’t think I’ll be able to travel with other people anymore, haha!

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