5 Positive Reasons to Travel with Friends

5 Positive Reasons to Travel with Friends

In one of my previous posts, I talked about 5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Solo – in this post, I want to touch on why it is important to travel with friends. I have made some of the craziest, most exhilarating experiences while travel with my friends, some stories that are spoken about time and time again. These friends have become my family, because travelling with them, having to trust them in a foreign country and knowing they will have your back, makes them family! 

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Here’s why travelling with friends is great:

1. Kick-Ass Photos

Okay, so you’re anti-selfie stick and you’re too shy to ask a stranger to take your picture? Well, travelling with your friends makes for some kick-ass photos! Even if they are not the best at taking pics, you’ll always have something to reminisce over! Or they could be an awesome photographer and have you become an Instagram model overnight! Also, the whacky faces, the macho poses and the pyramid poses are so much fun!


2. Plan Your Trip Together

Planning a trip can be overwhelming sometimes, having friends chip in and assist with planning and bookings can definitely make the process easier and more enjoyable. There are possibly somethings that you had not thought of adding to the itinerary or something you would never do, but having your friends around will definitely push you out of your comfort zone!


3. Safety in Numbers

There are some facts you cannot deny, travelling with friends or as a group will bring safety in numbers. If ever there is a problem or a dangerous situation, you will not be alone, someone will be there to assist you and/or call for help. This is when those friends become family, when the times get tough and they’re still with you!


4. Shared Expenses

Usually, people are very strict with paying for stuff – flights, accommodation, food and drinks. However, when you’re travelling in another country with friends – almost all expenses (possibly with the exception of flights) becomes shared. Accommodation is shared, so that expense is split, or restaurant bills are split if everyone is sharing. In my circle, there’s never “owing money”, everything is shared, everything is covered and everyone always has each others back with expenses.


5. Great Memories

I don’t know where to even begin with this one. The memories you make while travelling will always be amazing, but when you have your very best friends to make and share those memories with, they will last a lifetime. You will come up with your own inside jokes, cry over a song you both love or just talk about life under a blanket of stars – these little moments will give you a connection that will create a strong bond.



Keeping an open mind, being respectful and understanding of your friends while travelling will make your experience even more enjoyable! 


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  1. The memories are deff the best part! For me personally, planning the trip can be the worst as we all sometimes have different ideas as to what we want to do.

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