7 Essential Online Tools for Travel

7 Essential Online Tools for Travel

Travellers are constantly searching for the best online tools to assist them in making their planning a little easier. With new apps and tools coming out every year, we have to update, test and recommend tools that have helped us. Here’s my 7 Essential Online Tools for Travel.


Google Translate

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Google Translate is a service provided by Google that translates approximately 103 languages to your desired language so as to overcome any language barriers you may have when you travel. Google Translate can be used on website interface as well as mobile apps for IOS and Andriod. Multiple forms of media such as text, sites, images, speech and videos can be translated with Google Translate. If you wish to use Google Translate offline (internet connections aren’t always great when travelling), download a language pack of the language you want to translate prior to your trip and you can select to use Google Translate in an offline mode.




This is a calculator to convert currency so you know exactly what you’re spending! With over 150 currencies loaded, it covers basic calculator operations, mathematical functions as well as scientific functions.



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TripCase is a travel manager and organizer on hand, where you can load your flight details, itinerary, car hire, hotel bookings etc. with maps and phone numbers. It is a easy sign up, after which you can load your trip details and even share with others. During your travels you can also search useful information about your destination according to your trip details. It can also be used for booking and keeps your travel documents within the app.


Dark Sky

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Dark Sky is a weather forecasting app that is accurate down to the minute. It gives a great visualization for your exact location. It also comes in handy when you need to pack, so you can check the weather at your destination prior to your travels.


City Mapper

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Navigating through a new city can prove to be very challenging at first. City Mapper is a mapping service that works with public transit for all urban modes of transport including walking, cycling and driving. Citymapper is available in 39 urban areas across the world: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, the Netherlands’ Randstad (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht), Köln-Düsseldorf-Ruhrgebiet, Hamburg, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Moscow, Istanbul, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC-Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney. You can also download maps to use offline.



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Snapseed is Google owned photo-editing app that is rated as one of the best apps for editing your travel photos. Within the app you are able to enhance your pictures as well as apply digital filters to them. Editing can be done manually or with an automatic adjustment. You can also save your manual filters for future use.



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I will admit, it isn’t the best app to use for bookings however, reading recommendations and reviews by more than 600 million travellers will give you a reality check of what to do, where to stay and where to eat. You can use it to compare prices to get the most out of your bookings. This is my number 1 go to site/app for unbiased reviews.


Let me know your favourite online travel tools in the comments below!

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Hello Yeshi

21 thoughts on “7 Essential Online Tools for Travel

  1. You have some good travel apps here, I also can’t live without the Maps me app, would literally be lost without it! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn’t know about the map one. I’ll have to download that. Snapseed and Google translate are my favorites! GT got me through some sticky situations in Seoul lol

  3. That’s awesome thank-you! XE is an amazing currency converter, plus i always have maps.me because it is an absolute babe! Also, in those lesser know cities that don’t have english maps, it’s worth using Apple Maps. It’s only map app I’ve found that gives correct public transport information worldwide.

  4. Trip advisore is indeed an authority despite its glitches. A lot of apps yyou mentioned are new to me so I will try them right away 🙂

  5. This is a great list! I love Snapseed, that’s what I use for all my IG pics! But I hadn’t heard of cal converter – I’m going to download that one!

  6. Such a useful post! I can so use the currency one. I always show up in a country with no idea what the exchange rate is.. and I’m just guessing if something is overpriced or not. haha

  7. Always great to be updated on new apps
    From this list I will try the one that I completely ignored before, dark sky!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. We use Trip advisor a lot during our travel. It’s something that gives you a lot information based from practical experience of travelers. I still try to use other sites and read review though just to be sure.

  9. This is a great list of app. I currently have snapseed, and it’s my go-to app whenever I need to edit my photo ASAP. And I also use TripAdvisor every time I search for about the place I will visit.

  10. Awesome – there are quite a few tools here we haven’t come across before! For maps we usually use maps.me but will have to try City Mapper out. Dark Sky looks like it will be really good for keeping up to date with the weather forecast for our trekking.

  11. Great List. While I am a true fan of Tripadvisor and Snapseed, I like your suggestions like City Mapper and Dark Sky. We generally use Google Maps and Accuweather.

  12. I thought Dark Sky is to see what’s on the sky at night. Or maybe that’s a different one? Oh, well. I will look to it for our next trips. Thank you for sharing.

  13. These area all great tools! Snapseed is great for photo editing. I like Trip Advisor too for finding places to eat and things to do. Yelp is usually my go-to though!

  14. I love learning about new apps and this post did introduce me to new ones. City mapper is essential when trying to navigate urban areas in destinations where you don’t speak the language or know the city. Thank you

  15. My take away from this post would be Snapseed. What a shame but I didn’t know about it until you decided to write a post on it. I will certainly try it. Google Translate has always been a top favourite while travelling sometimes for interacting with locals and sometimes for fun.

  16. I find tripadvisor an useful tool for travelling. Back when I was in New York reading reviews in trip advisor helped me so much to make the most of time with the activities that were actually worth it for me. I liked the other apps you mentioned too, especially TripCase. I’m going to check it out in my next trip. I like your blog a lot, keep up the good work! 😀

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