9 Touristy Ways to Rediscover your Hometown

9 Touristy Ways to Rediscover your Hometown

You don’t have a trip coming up for the next couple of months? You’re getting bored an agitated of being “stuck” at home? Here’s 9 touristy ways to rediscover your hometown and keep the anxiety of your next trip away!

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1. Stop by your local Visitor’s Center…

A visitor’s center is a physical location in your city that provides tourist information for visitors. Here you may find things that you never knew existed in your hometown such at hidden gems – places to eat, landmarks, attractions and activities! There are usually numerous pamphlets and booklets with information such as directions, times and cost. Use the visitor’s center to find things you wouldn’t necessarily do in your city!


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2. Volunteer your time…

Every country and city needs assistance in some way. You often find people travelling to another country to volunteer or offer their help towards a charity or cause – why not do the same in your own city! Find a way to contribute to your hometown – be it volunteering a feeding scheme at the homeless shelter, a pamper session at the old age home or donating blankets to an animal shelter.


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3. Take different transportation…

Try alternative transportation to which you would usually use! Why not take a bus on your daily route? Or hop on the train to the next town? Even riding a bicycle on your hometown street will give you a new perspective of your city. The change of scenery will have you noticing things that you would have missed if your were driving or being a passenger in a taxi looking down at your phone.


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4. Attend a sports match…

You’ve never been to a sporting event in your city – whaaat!? This is one of my favourite ways to experience the warmth, hospitality, encouragement, passion, banter and competition amongst the locals! You would be surprised at the amount of sports matches that take place in your city, from marathons, to cycling races; football, tennis, cricket, basketball, wrestling…the list can go on. Even if you are not a sports fan and have no interest in a particular sport, attend the event for the experience! A lot of the time, beer and food is available as a bonus!


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5. Take a city tour…

This may seem mundane – you’ve seen everything already, right? Sure you have, but taking a guided tour will privy you to background information and stories that you might have never heard before! Tours are sometimes cheaper than you think, as it usually consists of a group of people. You may also meet the acquaintance of tourists on the tour and hearing their thoughts will also give you a new perspective on your city!


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6. Snap photos of yourself at tourist spots…

I was recently asked for a picture of myself at a landmark in my hometown and realized I had none! The reason for this is usually every time I visit a touristy spot, its hella busy or I’ve taken for granted that there’ll always be next time to take that photo! Grab your camera/ or cell phone in hand and take some selfies around your city, make sure to get in some of the scenes in the background! Some of my favourite places to take pictures at are local markets and festivals, the beach or malls!


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7. Embrace your city’s history…

The easiest way to learn about your city’s history is to visit the local history museums, or take a history/ heritage tour. These options are filled with knowledge about your city; it will give you insight into the oldest buildings, banks, markets and malls in your city, where the first settlers came from and when they arrived as well as the evolution of your hometown. Once you learn more about the history of your city, you will appreciate it more and thus embrace it when you tell others about your knowledge of it.


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8. View your city from above…

 One of my favourite things to do when I visit a new place is book a helicopter tour of the city or town if it’s available. Some cities have hot air balloon and some have crazy high-rise buildings! Take your pick, but definitely find a way to see your hometown from the sky!


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9. Plan a Staycation!

I love the idea of a vacation in your hometown or nearby – a staycation! I’ve been doing this with friends since I was a teen however the term staycation has only been coined recently! If you have sometime off work and just need to get away, be it a weekend or midweek break; book in somewhere nearby. Whether you want a luxury break or camp out in the wilderness without technology, keep it within an hour of home if you have commitments and enjoy some R&R. Maybe pamper yourself at the hotel spa and dine in!


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0 thoughts on “9 Touristy Ways to Rediscover your Hometown

  1. Interesting. I am from New Delhi. Every time I get over to Old Delhi for some nihari, I can’t help but revel at just how much history the city has to offer. Old Delhi/Jama Masjid area actually seems like living history, if you know what I mean?
    As a part of my research, I interviewed a few people regarding the Indian partition who had moved to Delhi from various parts of East and West Pakistan, and was a great way to learn the demographic history of the city as well.

    1. I’ve only been to New Delhi once (for around 5 days) – there were endless things to see and you so I can imagine how amazing it must be to still discover the history of your city everytime!

  2. I thought it was just me that did this. I agree especially with visit the visitor’s centre, it’s amazing what you will find on your own doorstep 🙂

  3. Love this article! We’ve been trying to do things like this in our home city, London, since we recently returned from a long travel. Spent a lot more of our time seeing the local sights, and we’re planning to go on walking tours next month. I think another one would be to try staying in a local hostel or with a Couchsurfing host. Something we’ve been considering but not tried yet.

  4. It took me 5 years of living in Golden, CO before I to stopped in our visitor center. Oddly enough it is usually one of the first stops I make when passing through a new town. Great tip on rediscovering your hometown.

  5. There is something special about a staycation that makes you see the city in an entirely different light. 🙂

  6. Interesting how sometimes people only get to see the beauty of their own place through tourists’ eyes. Ive learned to appreciate my own hometown by going around and doing something different than routine like eating in other places and taking other transport like you said.

  7. Great suggestions! I like the idea of staying at a resort close to home, it makes me feel like I am on vacation without taking the time to travel somewhere.

  8. That’s a very unique perspective to re-look at your hometown and rediscover it. Never thought of it this way. For example, I may have visited many touristy places in my hometown but did not think it needs to be shared! 🙂 Though happy that have done volunteering and watched a sports match too. And now choose public transportation more often, which is mostly our choice while traveling.

    1. I love going to cricket/rugby matches in my hometown – especially if there are international teams playing. It gives a chance to also interact with fans of the international teams!

  9. Great post! As someone who is currently saving to travel long term, this gives me some great tips on exploring my home city. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is such an innovative post. After I get back from my travels, I used to think about exploring my city of Mumbai as a newbie. One of these days, I’m going to rediscover my city!

  11. every time I have a visitor come to see me, I try to be a tourist in my own city and usually discover a bunch of cool stuff that i wouldnt usually do or see.

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