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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


I am Yeshi – from Durban, South Africa. I fashion myself as a thrill seeker, major foodie, adventurous traveller, free thinker and a learner of life. My passion for food and travel knows no bounds. If I’m not eating or travelling, I’m reading about it – I love reading too.

I believe in being open-minded, non-judgmental and helping those in need, including animals. I have an IT qualification and have completed many courses in English writing, teaching English as a second language, Photography and Spanish (basics – muy bien!). Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts  in Psychology – I have big, sparkly dreams!

When it comes to food, I enjoy sampling different cuisines from take-outs and fast food to gourmet and fine dining. My favourites include Asian cuisine, Mexican/Spanish, Indian (Authentic Indian and South African Indian – yes, they differ!) and Italian. My weakness – seafood! I believe food is an important part of my life, aside from the obvious sustenance, it ensures quality time spent with good friends and family, either in a kitchen, restaurant, or almost anywhere.

My travels have seen me spend 2 years living and travelling the United States of America – this was when the travel bug caught me and the most affordable way for me to travel was joining an au-pair program. This was an experience of a lifetime – I made lifelong friends and submersed myself in American culture. More recently, I have begun exploring my beautiful country – South Africa, which really is postcard worthy. India was our first international family vacation, and boy was it an amazing holiday!

Other known facts about me: I love reading and books, especially new books! I enjoy dancing – I studied an Indian Classical Dance style called Kathak, for about 15 years of my life. Naps are my favourite – I try to have one everyday which bugs the hell out of some people. I give sound advice – from experience, from reading and from learning; and if I don’t have advice, I’ll find some way to help if needed. Also, I don’t rise and shine…it usually takes a few hours and some good breakfast for me to shine!

I intend to share my thoughts and views with you and hopefully providing you with some information, some insight and some entertainment.


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