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Positive Vibes Only, through COVID-19

Keeping positive vibes during the COVID-19 pandemic seems like a daily task right now. Does anybody really know what they should be thinking in the midst of a pandemic? We…

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How to deal with Homesickness

Living abroad or long term travel brings with it some very real – mental challenges! I looked at Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock; and in this article I want to address what it is to be Homesick and how to deal with it.

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The Reality of Culture Shock

For first time travelers and seasoned travelers, the term “culture shock” may have been heard and experienced. I remember the first time I heard it, I thought I had seen it all on TV so moving countries would not be a big deal or bother me much, but I was not fully prepared until I experienced it and lived in a country and society I was not all too familiar with.

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Pescetarianism/ Pesco-vegetarianism

Pescetarianism or Pesco-vegetarianism is a diet that includes the consumption of fish and other seafood only, in addition to fruit, vegetables, eggs (sometimes), and dairy products. Land based animals (meat,…

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