First Class Travel Tips & Hacks!

First Class Travel Tips & Hacks!


We all have certain things we do when we travel, to make the trip just a little easier! In collaboration with a few fellow travel bloggers, we share with you our first class travel tips and hacks!


Spicegoddess – Verushka Ramasami

  • Take a picture of luggage before you check in.
  • Check in online before you get to airport saves time.
  • Always carry a scarf in your hand luggage.
  • Take screenshots of your flight details incase you lose reception on your phone.
  • Carry a soft cotton bag in luggage incase you need an additional bag.

All these have saved me from travel dramas over numerous flights. Several times I have literally just got to the airport before my flight check in was closing but I was saved by checking in online. A scarf is one of the most useful clothing items to pack besides looking trendy, it is perfect for bad hair days and doubles as a sarong when need be like visiting places of worship. You can find more from the Verushka here: Spicegoddess, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


BNB Nation – Ambuj Saxena

  • A handy travel kit – Keep your Travel kit handy with a separate set of toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc- This tip specially comes handy for a surprise travel plan or for frequent travelers. Keeping a travel kit handy lets you pick up one bag without wasting too much time.
  • Write down your Emergency contacts – Keep all your Emergency contacts handy by writing them down on a piece of paper so that if your cellphone gets conked off on a bus trip, you are not at your wits ends.
  • Surprise element – No matter how planned your trip is, keep at least one aspect unplanned. It could be a surprise trek or a spontaneous Bed and Breakfast room booking or a surprise bus trip around the city. I have always kept a few hours in a business trip to myself without any thing planned in particular. This has helped me gather the most fond travel memories. So while heading to Chandigarh, my cousin and I had not planned a bus trip. Usually, we would take an Air conditioned Volvo bus for a 6 hour journey but we instead opted for a non Air conditioned bus beating the heat and dust. Well, I have to confess, we were jaded after the bus journey but it is the fondest memory of the trip.

Find Ambuj here: BNBnation, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Cassies Compass – Cassie Yoshikawa

  • For me, one of the hardest parts of travel is living out of a suitcase. I hate having to rearrange my whole bag just to get one item, or worse, creating a messy room with all my belongings! That’s why I always pack using packing cubes. They are small, collapsible mini bags that fit inside my suitcase or backpack. That way when I am searching for an item, I simply pull out one cube instead of rummaging through my whole bag. Mess free!
  • One item I never travel without is a light scarf. I could not have lived in Italy for a whole summer without one! The weather was scorching and humid, but many of the cathedrals I visited required modest attire. Instead of sweating through the streets of Rome, I turned my scarf into a shawl when necessary and was perfectly comfortable anywhere I went. I even used my scarf as a headband to hike Cinque Terre. When I reached the Mediterranean Coast between towns, my scarf doubled as a coverup for the beach. Pro Tip: a scarf takes up zero packing space if you wear it onto the plane!
  • Everyone has their own methods and timelines of when to exchange currency before arriving in a new country. However, I learned the hard way that it’s equally important to exchange leftover currency before you head back home! I had a fair amount of Colones that I brought back to the US from Costa Rica. I went to my local bank to exchange them and was surprised to find that they would not buy back the currency. I could have exchanged it at the airport, or at the very least spent it on a few souvenirs, but instead, I am left with a jar full of unusable money. I never made that mistake again!

You can find Cassie on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest and her blog –  Cassies Compass.




Two Traveling Texans – Anisa Alhilali

  • A stopover is a layover that last longer than 24 hours.  Booking flights that have a stopover is a great way to see more of the world for less.  Instead of flying to one location, you fly to two. Since you will be paying for three flights legs, it is cheaper than visiting both places on separate trips.  In some cases, you may find that adding a stopover does not increase the price of your flight. There are even a few instances where the flight cost goes down when you add a stopover.

  • The only issue with this travel hack is that it can sometimes be hard to figure out what flights are best and where to do the stopover.  Luckily, I found the website, AirWander, that makes planning flights with a stopover easy.  It shows you potential cities that you might want to visit and the cost to add each city as a stopover.  AirWander will save you so much time, allow you to visit more places, and save money too!


Anisa currently living in England, her blog is and socials are: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest




There will be more travel tips and hacks coming soon!


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