Incredible India – Exploring Food

Incredible India – Exploring Food

When it comes to visiting India, you are not just enticed with the delectable cuisine from different parts, but also the amazing sites you can witness across.

With all that aside, now comes the most important part that signifies India on the global map, its FOOD. These are the must try dishes you need to get your hands on.


Chicken Tikka Masala


This definitely doesn’t require a separate introduction. India is known by its red and spicy Tikka Masala. The blend of the roasted chicken pieces with the plethora of aromatic spices in a tomato based gravy is not something you can skip out on.


Rogan Josh


If mutton is your thing, you will love the robust spices in the Mutton Rogan Josh. This delectable mutton dish is enough to make you salivate with its name. The plain yet spicy gravy and the succulent mutton pieces simply melt in your mouth. Pair it with some flaky parantha.

Palak Paneer


The combination of cubed cottage cheese with spinach puree is possibly one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in India. The entire dish is often cooked in butter and a dash of cream and subtle spices make it one of the best.



Chaat, in any and every form, should be something you never miss out on. This signifies the beauty of street food and while there, make sure to eat every variant of it you get on the streets. The combination of the sweet, salty and sour taste with the crunchy textures all combine to provide you with an umami experience.


India is a galore of culture, tradition, history and delectable food. If you visit India, make sure that you try and explore every last bit of it for that eclectic and one of a kind experience that you can’t garner anywhere else.


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