Long-Haul Flights Made Bearable – Part 2

Long-Haul Flights Made Bearable – Part 2

Long haul flights made bearable


Some of us have mastered getting through long haul flights; we get through them like robots. For others, it can be stressful, and unbearable to a point. Here are some tried and tested tips on making your long haul flight more bearable!



Prepare for sleep

This is a must for me…and other anxious flyers! Taking little naps help, but if you’re tired on the flight, just sleep. If you don’t, you will be irritable and exhausted. Get yourself a good, comfy travel pillow – personally, I’ve had some of the best sleep with mine while travelling, without a pain of a “caught neck”. If you need help falling asleep during the flight, consult your local GP for medications to assist.



Stay hydrated – without alcohol

Drink enough water at regular intervals, don’t binge on it. Avoid excessive alcohol as well as tea and coffee – these may make for not very desirable bathroom visits. I always carry an empty water bottle to fill up after I’ve passed the security check so I can avoid bugging cabin crew constantly for water.


Choose a good seat

It doesn’t seem like much but there is a perfect seat for you if you need more leg room, or you need to use the bathroom regularly, or if you like to move about the plane. Choosing a seat towards the front of the plane usually has small kids or babies as this is where provision is made for them on international flights. Pick a seat when you are booking your flight so you have advanced knowledge of your comfort zone on the aircraft.



Lip balm

So very underrated, but so very necessary! The dryness of the air in the plane is horrible for your lips. If your lips chap, then you’re either left peeling of off dry skin or dry blood which can be very sore. A stick of lip balm will do wonders for a few hours while you catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Stay calm

For some of us, this is conscious decision we have to make. Turbulence, being unable to sleep, overhearing others speak and even boredom can lead to anxiety. Staying calm during flights is essential in making the flight easier for yourself and other passengers. Ear plugs, reading, and even some meditation can help in keeping calm and getting through your long haul flight.



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  1. Those are some great tips for managing in the long haul flights! Getting sleep is my biggest challenge in situations such as these. What’s helped is come on board sleep deprived so don’t have to try too hard 🙂 Haha!

  2. I really don’t like long haul flights. They are very exhausting and I am kind of less patient. Thanks for the wonderful tips. Taking naps, proper seating and staying hydrated are so on point!

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