Movie Review – Deep End

Movie Review – Deep End

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a special screening of the South African movie, Deep End by Eubulus Timothy. Watching such a great local production – I had to share my thoughts on the movie! Having being born to an Indian family, especially in the Durban community – I can relate on so many levels to different aspects in the movie.


Produced by Jacintha de Nobrega, Script by Eubulus Timothy
Cast: Carishma Basday, Greg Kriek, Suraya-Rose Santos, Mahendra Raghunath, Priya Lutchman and Robin Singh.

Deep End is a movie centered around the Indian culture in Durban, South Africa. Sunitha Patel (Carishma Basday), is a young girl, focused and passionate about chasing her dreams and achieving them. But in doing so, when you’re Indian, and chasing dreams that other Indian girls won’t go near – it comes with it’s fair share of trials and tribulations! Sunitha has abided by her strict father’s (Mahendra Ragunath) rules all her life; and now that she has fulfilled her father’s wishes, she wants to follow her own dreams. In seeking advice from her mother (Priya Lutchman), Sunitha is encouraged to follow her heart with gusto!


After seeing some friends surfing, and being told “Indian girls don’t surf”, Sunitha sets her dreams on learning how to surf and participating in a rookie surfing competition. While learning how to surf and immersing herself in the surf-life, Sunitha meets Cory (Greg Kriek), an American (Um-ri-kan!) surfer who has a ban on professional surfing because of substance abuse. Corey is whole-heartedly besotted with Sunitha who resists him at first because of the taboos such as racism, stereotyping and having a strict Indian father.


With a lot of ducking and diving, overcoming many obstacles, dealing with issues of the heart, Sunitha finally goes against all odds and takes part in the surfing competition. When realizing that his daughter has entered the competition, Sunitha’s father rushes his family to the beach in support of his daughter (This was such an Awwww-moment!) Eventually, Sunitha is named the winner and in doing so, achieved her dreams and got the guy!


What stood out for me, and smashed all expectations, was how incredibly beautiful Durban is in the movie Deep End. In some scenes I really felt that Durban was showing off and it made me so proud! Deep End is a movie all Durbanites, and South Africans should watch, irrespective of colour, race, background  or preferences!


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