The Perfect Paella

Paella possibly originated in around the 10th century when rice cultivation began. Subsequently, casseroles of rice, fish and spices were often prepared for gatherings and feasts which created the custom of eating rice in Spain.

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In commemoration of Women’s Day in South Africa – on the 8th of August; I decided to compile a list of quotes by great leaders, male and female, and those…

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Pescetarianism/ Pesco-vegetarianism

Pescetarianism or Pesco-vegetarianism is a diet that includes the consumption of fish and other seafood only, in addition to fruit, vegetables, eggs (sometimes), and dairy products. Land based animals (meat,…

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Hello Yeshi International

I decided to go international, aged 24, when I moved to USA after joining a cultural exchange program. Here’s how I went about it!

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