Plan for the New Year

Plan for the New Year

Come December, and everyone is flaunting their “New Year Resolutions” – making unbreakable vows to get this or that done. While this is fair and well for some, for the rest it’s too much commitment and pressure all at once.


Rather than throw a few resolutions into the air, why not plan ahead and set goals for the year? In doing so, you will have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and you can set your own timeline and work at your goals, at your own pace.



Make a list of your priorities.

Firstly, listing all your priorities, gives you clarity about what cannot be negotiated. Listing actual things you want to achieve in a most-important to least-important manner can be effective in also managing your time. You can see the things you want to spend time on vs. the things that should not be taking up too much time. It can also give you an indication of how much spare/free time you have for other goals.


Complete your schedule.

You should have a rough idea about your schedule for the year – work, travel, functions, family commitments, kid’s activities. Physically filling in your calendar/ planner gives you a feeling of purpose and something to look forward to (or dread!).  Once this is done, you can then work out a timeline for your goals and plan ahead for it. Look at your schedule every now and then, adjust, and refocus your time and energy to make achieving your goal work for you.



Set realistic goals.

Dream big they say; and it isn’t a bad thing – as long as you plan ahead. Prepare yourself for sacrifices, bursts of wonder and joy as well as disappointment. Not everything comes easy, set goals that you know you can achieve and once you achieve them, push yourself beyond them to achieve better. If you give yourself enough time and energy, and put in the work, the goals you set and plan for in the new year can definitely be reached. Also, research your goals, look at the steps required to achieve them and break them down into smaller goals which are more achievable.


Reward yourself.

This is important. If and when you achieve your goals, this is a reward itself. However, if you don’t achieve it, reward yourself with something else – for trying, for attempting and for making an effort. Sometimes we come so close to our goals and it’s always just out of our reach when the given deadline comes – but it’s still a partial achievement, we tried.


I don’t feel that starting all your goals or resolutions come January is realistic, rather plan your year and make it work for you. Life may throw a spanner in the works sometime during the year and put all your plans in disarray – but you can always come back, re-plan and reach your goals!


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Plan for the New Year



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  1. such a thought provoking article , maybe yes i should sit down and think about the year 2018 in a different frame of mind . Glad i read this article

  2. What I love about this write up the part when you said that you need to set realistic goals. Putting up goals you know you can’t reach will just do nothing on improving yourself. And also, if you put these goals, you need not to procrastinate. Get up and achieve them.

    1. So true – you have to constantly evaluate and if changing your goals or part of your goals to achieve them then it’s better for you!

  3. I have been hearing some people making fun of other people who make new year’s resolutions. For me there is nothing wrong if they want to set goal in the first part of the year. Even I set goals for a year, I like having something good to look forward to. What I haven’t thought about is the reward. Not sure what I should get if I meet a goal. I’ll have a think on that.

  4. Greatly written. Helpful on how can I make 2018 meaningful. Although misadventures are expected

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