Step Up your Food Photography Game!

Step Up your Food Photography Game!

You’ve probably seen this hundreds, if not a thousand times: people taking pictures of their food! Yes, it’s an actual thing – with social media being at the forefront of documenting almost anything and everything, taking great pictures of lifestyle elements is a big deal, especially if you are a food blogger! Let’s look at some ways you can Step Up your Food Photography Game!


Find that Natural Light!

Natural light will give you the best consistency in photographing your food. The original colours of the food will come through and you will get a casual, fresh look to your pictures. Try to avoid using a flash or overhead lights.



Move Around!

Move around the food, change camera angles, change up the food positions/ placements to get the best shot. Sometimes how you plate up or how the food is served, is not always the best so its okay to change your position or the position of the food!




Take as many pictures as possible!

Don’t think you’ve got the best shot? Well, taking a lot of pics and looking through them later or before posting will give you various options to choose from. Then again, you will have more than just one picture to share!



Find inspiration from the pros!

There are numerous foodie/ chef/ food blogger/ food photography accounts on social media. Look through their photos, look at the angles, styling, placement and general quality of their food photography – there is no better place to find inspiration for your food photography but you may also come across some great recipes!



It’s okay to edit!

If you still feel like you did not get the best out of your food photo shoot, it’s okay to edit your pictures – enhance colours, play with exposure, up the brightness factor or simply just add a filter before sharing!



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