Stoke Travel Ambassador

Stoke Travel Ambassador

I’m a Stoke Travel Ambassador!

With their tagline being “Party travel for the open-minded international”, it’s not hard to guess what Stoke Travel is all about! Yes – it’s definitely all about the uninterrupted-uninhibited party adventure one can ask for. Designed for the younger generation, Stoke Travel is a favourite among the budget traveler, backpacker and student alike.


Birthed in 2006, Stoke Travel started out with two pioneers, who wanted to share their passion for party travel. From then, their brand, parties and growth have achieved some amazing milestones. With expansion to approximately 24 destinations (in Andorra, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ibiza, Italy, Morocco, Spain and UK) – you best believe that the party never stops!


Sharing the belief in a borderless world, Stoke Travel is involved in supporting refugees through great initiatives such as Kosta’s Kitchen (local restauranteer feeding arriving refugees), Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario (preserving human life through maritime rescues) and Hello My Friend (helping change negative stereotypes surrounding refugees and promoting dignity, self-esteem and a sense of work within the refugee communities).


Booking with them is simple and can easily be done through their website. All the information you need is included under each trip which includes a map, itinerary, FAQs, reviews, how to get there as well as inclusions and add-ons.


You can use omgstoked when booking any trip to get promotional freebies!

Contact me for more info or if you have any questions!

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  1. It’s really interesting I never heard of this Stoke Travel actually well maybe once before but I haven’t really paid attention to it. Reading your post have open a book of knowledge on my brain, this is great opportunity for young generations. I sould try this one soon.

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