TAFTA – Inspire a Legacy

TAFTA – Inspire a Legacy

I recently attended a campaign launch for TAFTA – The Association for the Aged. TAFTA will be turning 60 years in 2018 and in celebration of this great achievement, they have decided that it’s time everyone took a stand for our elderly, especially the youth! TAFTA’s aim is to inspire a legacy (#inspirealegacy) of which each and every one of us can be proud of.


TAFTA prides themselves in providing appropriate, comfortable living conditions including frail care for the aged. TAFTA has 14 buildings in it’s ownership for the purpose of providing the above. Support services are also provided such as Meals on Wheels and Home Based Care for the elderly in order for them to continue living their fullest lives. The aged quality of life is immensely increased by social interaction, entertainment and activities which TAFTA offers through their clubs and service centers.

The above mentioned services are all provided free or at a nominal charge, which is why TAFTA depends on donations and sponsors from individuals and businesses.



Where are you in the Circle of Life?

If you’re still a scholar or a college student, you probably have your parents taking care of your needs – food, shelter, fees, probably transportation, text books, clothes etc. You are well cared for even if your parents are only able to provide the basics and essentials. They probably use all their earnings to fend and take care of you – You are their responsibility and they would never think twice about giving you anything you wanted (within their means). So what are you going to do for them? #inspirealegacy

If you’re an adult, in a relationship or married – you have your own family now to take care of. You have more responsibility being a girlfriend or boyfriend; or husband or wife. You have to care and fend for someone either than yourself. You have to put someone else’s needs as a priority too. Does this mean you forget and abandon your parents or grandparents? #inspirealegacy

If you are parent, you now understand what it is your parents went through to raise you the best they can. You know what it is to be responsible for a life more important to you than your own. You may need your mother or father at times when things are hard and times are difficult. Do you then just forget they exist when things are good and it’s time for celebrations? #inspirealegacy

Most importantly – if you have lost your parent or grandparent, if you grew up an orphan, if for any reason you do not have parents or grandparents; where are you finding the love to make the void easier? What are you doing for someone who hasn’t had the fortuity to have children or be loved by a child? #inspirealegacy


TAFTA’s Core Values:

  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Care
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Purpose
  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Environment



You can find ways in which you can assist TAFTA in achieving their goals here (link) or you can SMS “donate” to 40555 for a donation of only R20 (South Africa only).







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