Tastiest Street Food Saga

Tastiest Street Food Saga

Who doesn’t love street food!? It’s fast and easy, tastes divine and is usually pretty cheap! I’ve tried almost all, save a few. In this Tastiest Street Food Saga, we take a look at the Bagel, Jerk Chicken, Bánh Mi, Currywurst and the Bunny Chow.

Street Food from around the World!


Bagel – Poland


Bagels originated in Poland? This is new to me! I’ve always believed the Bagel hailed from USA but I guess they just made it famous! The Bagel originated in the Jewish community in Poland. Bagels are made from a yeast-wheat dough and shaped as a ring. My favourite has to be cinnamon honey bagel with cream cheese!


Bunny Chow – South Africa


Possibly the only “Indian” food, that did not originate in India. The Bunny Chow or Bunny as it is known locally, originated in Durban with the South African Indians. It consists of a hollowed out piece of bread (usually a quarter or half of a loaf) that is filled with curry. Curries vary from vegetarian (beans or mixed veg) to chicken and lamb and it is usually served with a side of salad; and is to be eaten with your hands! This has become a firm favourite for travellers visiting Durban, South Africa.


Jerk Chicken – Jamaica

Sher Yip – flickr.com

“Jerk” is a mix of dry spices (pimento & Scotch bonnet peppers) that is a marinade used in Jamaican cooking. In this case the marinade is used to make Jerk Chicken which is prepared over a pit fire or oil barrel halves. Throughout Jamaica, Jerk Chicken is widely available however; you won’t get traditional Jerk recipes as it is kept very secretive!


Bánh Mì – Vietnam


Bánh Mi is dubbed as the best sandwich in the world, up against a Cubano and Panini! Made with the French Baguette, and a variety of fillings. Bánh Mi is usually slathered with mayonnaise and pâté. Some of the popular fillings include barbecued pork, Vietnamese-style pork meatballs, duck, Vietnamese salami or chicken liver.


Currywurst – Germany


Served with a side of French fries, Currywurst is pork sausage or Bratwurst which is steamed, fried, sometimes cut into slices and seasoned with curried ketchup and topped with curry powder. It is the favoured street food of Berlin and can be enjoyed throughout Europe.


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What’s your favourite street food?
Keep an eye out for your favourites in the next edition of my Tastiest Street Food Saga!


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38 thoughts on “Tastiest Street Food Saga

  1. My favourite street food is esquites in Mexico particularly in the Yucatan area – lovely corn on the cob drenched in mayo, cheese and hot peppers what a treat.

  2. What a fun post!! I had no idea that bagels came from Poland either! And I’ve never heard of Bunny Chow, but it sounds delicious!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE street food!! Check out the ones in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. I’m living in Spain now and street food is not quite a thing here.

  4. Immensely liked your pictorial post on street food around the world. Each country has some distinct item which gives authentic taste and flavor in street food.

  5. GREAT POST!! This is so much fun. I absolutely LOVE bagels. Those look so delicious!! If you haven’t already, you must try the Montreal bagels in Quebec, Canada!! They are a personal favourite :). I must say, however, that my favourite street food of all time is indeed the banh mi.

  6. YUM!!! Do they actually serve bunny chow on the streets? Seems a bit big and messy but I guess thats what makes it amazing! I have never heard of this amazing concoction before! Thank you for sharing this delicious post.

  7. Your food pictures are making my tummy rumble LOL. I love Jerk chicken and that bread with curry on it looks delicious. Yum!

  8. Yummy post! The comment you added about Bunny Chow in South Africa is something similar I had made for Roti Chenai in Malaysia. It is sold as Indian food but not available in India 🙂 Love bagels and Bánh Mì from Vietnam. Still have to try other recommendations in the post !

  9. Some absolute classics here! We just got back from Vietnam, and banh mi is the best! Absolutely love jerk chicken, too. Street food is good for the soul!

  10. Mouthwatering food pics! My fave street food is Indian chaat – it’s spicy, sweet and savoury all at once and just explodes with flavour in your mouth!

    1. So there are different variations of the origin but this is the one I know: Stories of the origin of bunny chow date as far back as the migrant Indian workers arrival in South Africa. Migrant workers from India who were brought to South Africa to work the sugar cane plantations of Kwazulu-Natal (Port Natal) required a way of carrying their lunches to the field – a hollowed out loaf of bread was a convenient way to transport their curries.

  11. This is such a wonderful series of food trails from the parts of the world! I loved reading you blog, it has made me so hungry. Looking forward to the next part <3

  12. Wow! These street foods from around the world look super delicious! I love exploring street foods. They say a lot about the authentic flavours of a particular region. I’ve tried bagel with cream cheese – the one we get in India, although not as a street food. Bagels taste really great. Hopefully, I’ll try the rest of these delicious foods from around the world some day. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. Love this collection! I knew bagels originated in Europe and had Jewish roots, but didn’t know it was Poland. We had so much banh mi in Vietnam during our trip earlier this year, it’s awesome! We want to try making one at home. Also, I had jerk chicken in Jamaica many many years ago – you can’t beat it.

  14. I love street foods! I haven’t checked the other parts of the street food saga yet but will definitely be checking them out. My favorites here in the Philippines are fishballs and isaw (barbecued chicken intestine).

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