The Lock Down Lifestyle – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Lock Down Lifestyle – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Something on everyone’s mind right now is the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 and the lock downs which have come in to place in most parts of the world. Please visit SA Corona Virus for updated information on COVID-19, symptoms, preventative measures and news.

I will not be mentioning my views or opinions on the Coronavirus (read and stick to the facts) but rather on the lock down aspect of it.


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Being on Lock Down

We saw what was happening in the rest of the world once the Coronavirus started spreading like wildfire and I was personally pleased that our president was able to deliver the lock down scenario to South Africa quite swiftly and firmly. It started on the 27th of March 2020 and (as of now – date published), it will end on the 16th of April 2020, with a total of 21 days.

South Africa has readied herself and is standing strong so far. Some of her people, not fully understanding the impact of the Coronavirus are still trying to defy the lock down, and worse, they are endangering the lives of others. We are only 5 days in, but it seems like the real challenges are yet to come.


Making the most of it

This is no time to think that lock down is a holiday or vacation or the government is giving us a break. It’s a time when we learn how strong we are together, fighting an invisible enemy that has threatened humanity. It is not a burden to be “stuck” at home, nor is it “party time”. As citizens of South Africa and part of a global community, it is now time to play our part by following the rules, staying home and taking every precaution we can to be safe.


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As the days go by

For those of us who are considered essential services, this is a scary, mammoth task – but this is what we were made for! Work for some must go on as usual but there may be some down time here and there to catch your breath. Take every opportunity you get to rest, recover and get back to helping our people.


There are also some, who are working from home and are finding challenges to balance everything right now. Everyday stresses have now doubled and there is no certainty as to what is in store for the future. Trying to keep a positive outlook can be daunting during these times but I can assure you that it is way better than the adverse.


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Keep on keeping on

Yes, everyone has solutions as to what you should do during this time – and everyone is simply just trying to help. I’ve managed to find a slight balance and routine in what I am doing on the daily while still working. My main focus is on boosting my immune system and mental health.

Here’s what I’ve tried in the past few days:

  • Taken breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.
  • Trying to take better care of my body – deep breaths, stretching, or meditation.
  • Trying to eat healthy, well-balanced meals,
  • Exercise regularly, (Started Yoga!)
  • Attempting to get plenty of sleep (routine sleep pattern)
  • Making time to unwind.
  • Started an online course.
  • Connecting with others. Talking to family and friends around the world(Hello Whatsapp Group Chats!)/ phone calls and video calls are a bit hit as opposed to texting!

There are so many things that you can find your comfort in during the lock down – just search for ideas and work on the ones that really speak to you.


There may or may not be a part 2, part 3 or part 4 to this – we’ll just see if my ranting mind has more to say about the current pandemic.


Be safe + wash your hands!


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