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Travel Blogger Q&A Series – These are the amazing people that travel the world and share their stories on their blogs. Through this series, I aim to share a better understanding of travel bloggers apart from their blogs – a little more on the personal side of travel! Join me in this interview with Bev and Shams!

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Bev and Shams


We are Bev and Shams, and we are on a journey doing what we love. Travelling! I am from the UK and Shams is originally from Sri Lanka. We met back in 2007 when I returned from a one year trip to Australia on a working holiday visa, and Shams was studying dance in a School in Seaford England. We both work full time and travel as much as we can around our work. We haven’t seen much of the UK or Europe, so our focus is travelling to these countries first. Our next trip we have booked is in July to visit Auschwitz and Krakow in Poland, we are supper excited about this upcoming trip.  We created Bev & Shams from our passion to travel, which inspires us to help other travellers to get out there and travel whether that be on their own doorstep or further afield.


What is your earliest travel memory?

Shams has very vivid memories of being a toddler taken on trips with the family within Sri Lanka and arriving at her destination feeling a little unwell to say the least, but since has travelled with a friend who took her to some amazing places and taught her so much about her own country.

I can remember I must have been in my teenage years, when my sister, my brother and I went on holiday with our family, grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles to Dorset staying in caravans. It was just simple but an amazing time just spending quality time with family. I can remember being in a cable car with my sister and nan going over the caravan sight, looking out at the sea views, when I said to my sister and nan, “I can see Wales”. My nan was so excited looking out the side saying “where are the whales I can’t see them”, I had to disappoint nan by saying ‘no I mean the country Wales’


Have you ever cried at the airport? 

I cry all the time when I leave Sri Lanka saying goodbye to Shams family and friends, as I miss them when we return back to the UK. My memory of first crying at the airport, was when I left to visit Australia for one year. My parents dropped me at the airport, and saying goodbye was really emotional, even my dad shed a few tears.

Shams explains, that when she left to come to the UK, it wasn’t until she embarked on the plane, and the plane took off and seeing the land below her, before reality of the trip hit her and the emotions just overcame her.




What’s your travel style?

We would have to say we are both planners and explorers. Before any trip we always plan and research on where we would like to explore. We often like to visit the tourist attractions, but try and find some undiscovered places along the way. I would also say I am a slow traveller, I could easily stay in one location for hours on end just taking in the scenery around me. Shams is a little quicker in travelling, she would spend enough time in one place before moving onto the next place.


What is your favourite city?

Our favourite city has to be London, it is somewhere we often visit and will continue to visit regularly. We both love that London is full of so much history which can be seen in many of the building and architecture around the city. We can never get enough of London.


What is the weirdest thing you carry while travelling?

Erm, we can’t think that there is anything weird we carry when travel, we only ever take the essentials we need whilst we are away.


What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done on holiday?

We went to Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka for whale and dolphin watching some years ago. Sadly we didn’t get to see any whales and dolphins due to the weather, but It was a complete adventure from the offset. There was five of us sleeping in a tent in the treehouse, we had a rollercoaster boat ride, before being put in the middle of the sea snorkelling. The travelling party including me and Shams not great swimmers so being in the middle of the ocean with only a life vest, for us was definitely an adventure. The highlight from this adventure is being able to see the amazing coral’s and colourful fish. We would definitely do that again!




What do you collect when travelling?

We like to collect souvenirs something which is small but reminds us of the place we have been, when we visited Cologne we picked up a very small snow globe of the Cathedral Dom, and in Paris we picked up a miniature Eiffel Tower.


If you could time travel, which era and area would you choose?

Oh we like this one. We both love the Victorian period, and would have to say we would both wish to return to the Victorian London to experience life in London back then. Although travel abroad wasn’t easily available in the Victorian era, however travel to the seaside coasts in the UK was a massive thing, getting out of the big smoke for a long weekend away. It sounds so exciting.


Which is your favourite international meal?

Shams feels her home is both in the UK and Sri Lanka, but as she is originally from Sri Lanka, she says her favourite international meal has to be the typical roast dinner we get in the UK, the Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, and gravy. I on the other hand would choose Sri Lankan rice and either a prawn or crab curry any day especially eating with the finger. The lovely spices which makes the curry and the condiments on the side is like nothing else will compare.




What do you miss most about home when you travel?

We miss the creature comforts, friends and family, and partly the weather with the mixture of the seasons we have in the UK.


How does travel make you feel?

Just the thought of travel makes us both feel so excited, we are always talking about where we will be going next and planning the trip, which heightens the excitement even more. Travelling for us, is about seeing different things, experiencing the culture and way of life, and eating such great local food.


Where is the best party scene? 

The best party life is the beach parties in Sri Lanka. Spending the night out with friends and family, with a few cooling drinks in your hand watching the sun go down, dancing and enjoying the music and sometimes seeing the sun rise in the morning as you relax back on the beach.


What is your favourite travel-related book?

We haven’t got a specific favourite travel book, we read a lot of Lonely Planet books, for planning our trips, but I have read a few Bill Bryson books which I have enjoyed.




Worst piece of travel advice you’ve received?

We can’t say that we have even been given any bad travel advise before.


What’s your ritual when you get to a new destination?

It is a combination of two things either finding our accommodation, checking in and leaving the bags before heading out to find something to eat. If we stumble upon food we will stop to eat before checking into our accommodation.


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