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Travel Blogger Q&A Series – These are the amazing people that travel the world and share their stories on their blogs. Through this series, I aim to share a better understanding of travel bloggers apart from their blogs – a little more on the personal side of travel! Join me in this interview with Jem from Little Adventures!

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Little Adventures




My name is Jem and I am from New Zealand. My blog is Little Adventures ( You will most likely find me hiking in the remote bush somewhere, I am happiest in the bush and saddest between walls. My dream would be to tackle as many cross country hikes as possible and am starting with the Te Araroa Trail next year, 3000km from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island.



What is your earliest travel memory?

When we were younger, every summer holiday all our family (aunties, uncles, cousins, family friends, dogs and the kitchen sink) would load the jet boats up and travel up the Whanganui River to a remote beach and set up camp for a week. These are always my fondest memories, we would spend our days playing in the water, waterskiing, building mudslides and sandcastles. By night we would sit around the campfire and listen to the adults tells stories (often getting louder as the night wore on). There would be no electricity and cell phones weren’t the norm. It was just family and fun


Have you ever cried at the airport?

Twice. When I left New Zealand for the first time I cried saying goodbye to my parents. When I left England, I cried saying goodbye to my partner over there. Airports and tears tend to go hand in hand.


What’s your travel style?

On the fly! I don’t plan and just like to see what the day brings and am not a luxurious traveller either by any stretch of the imagination! I don’t tend to do research on a place before I go, I like to make my own mind up about a place while I am there. When I was with my partner in England, he planned all our trips down to times, buses and budget. I let him take over because I don’t have the patience for that! Rather, I just like to see what happens as it happens.


What is your favourite city?

I am not a city girl, but I did love London when I went. It was so interesting, even just people watching. The history and diversity of London were fabulous. I read the book “London” by Edward Rutherford so was intrigued to see these places I had read about sitting there in front of me. The hustle and bustle filled me with adrenaline, but I must say, I was quite happy to see rolling countryside again on the way home.


What is the weirdest thing you carry with your while travelling?

I keep a handkerchief my mum wrote a little note on in my purse. It keeps me safe.




What is the most adventurous thing you have done while travelling?

I spent a lot of time hiking while overseas. Doing an overnighter in the middle of winter up Dartmoor was adventurous for me. I don’t cope well in the cold. Ask anyone who knows me even a little bit! I did a few spur of the moment adventures such as rock climbing in my dress and stockings. We were having fish and chips on the beach in Cornwall when we decided to explore the rocks. So around the corner, over the rocks, through the sea and up a rock tunnel we went. My shoes never survived the adventure. They might be in Africa by now (oh wait, what way do the tides flow from Cornwall?) but sitting on the edge of the cliff after having made it up the tunnel was so satisfying. It didn’t matter that I had ruined my stockings and lost my shoes. You can always buy more, memories are far more important.


What do you collect while travelling?

Little tiny shells and rocks. I have a line of interestingly coloured or shaped shells and rocks on my dressing table. I didn’t even realise I collected them until I had to think about this question and ponder if I had a collection or not!


What is your favourite international meal?

Fish and chips haha. I am so fussy it is bordering on childishness.


What do you miss most about home when you travel?

Family, Kiwi accents and pineapple lumps. I was in England for 18 months and didn’t hear one Kiwi accent while I was there except when I rung home.


IMG_20180505_125540 (1)


Where is the best party scene?

I am too old for partying!!


Favourite travel related book?

Ummm I am reading a book about the Te Araroa Trail at the moment. It is mainly photography but that counts doesn’t it?


Worst piece of travel advice you have received?

Don’t be a tourist. Sure, tourists get a bad rep, but I am of the opinion just because everyone else has seen it, it doesn’t make something any less special. I haven’t seen it!


What is your ritual when you get to a new destination?

I don’t really have a ritual. Probably go to the loo because I don’t like aeroplane toilets. What if I get sucked out of the plane?? I have done a 13 hour flight with no loo stop, I am that determined I am going to stay on the plane.




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