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June brings about my first ever series with travel bloggers! These are the amazing people that travel the world and share their stories on their blogs. We network on a weekly basis and I figured it was time for me to showcase them and their blogs in a Q&A series!

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Maybe This Way

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Rebecca is an almost-30 traveller that spends her time between Montreal and anywhere else. She runs the travel blog Maybe This Way where she writes stories of her adventures, travel guides, and tips to monetize blogging. She loves sushi, bright colours, and reading books written by people she’s met IRL.


What is your earliest travel memory?

My earliest travel memory is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida where my family used to take beach vacations every year. I used to pretend to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid every time a wave came crashing over me. I was young, but that tradition continued for years.


Have you ever cried at the airport?

I cried at the airport when I passed through the security gates on my way to my one-way ticket to China. I had broken up with my boyfriend (now my husband, so it is a happy ending), I had quit my job, and I didn’t know when I would be back. I was thrilled to be getting on the plane, but understandably sad at the same time


What’s your travel style?

As much as I am a “planner” in most aspects of my life, I do like to leave some things undecided when I travel. I plan the major things (main flights, major hostel/Air BnB stays) but otherwise it is spur of the moment.


What is your favourite city?

Picking a favourite city is so difficult because each place is unique. I would go back to Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Kyoto in an instant. I wouldn’t hesitate for Barcelona or Quito either.


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What is the weirdest thing you carry while travelling?

The weirdest thing I carry while travelling is a tick remover my mom bought me years ago. I’ve become superstitious about not bringing it with me – even though I have never needed to use it.


What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done on holiday?

One of my best adventures was scuba diving for the first time. I had made friends with a licensed instructor, and he took a group of us out on a boat to a beautiful coral reef near El Nido in The Philippines. He gave me a crash course in scuba diving (don’t worry, I didn’t dive too deep), and it was absolutely spectacular. It led me to take a scuba diving course in Koh Tao, Thailand.


What do you collect when travelling?

I don’t collect anything while travelling – just my words and pictures!


If you could time travel, which era and area would you choose?

If I had the chance to time travel, I would head to the future. The past is always so romanticized but there were a lot of terrible things that happened. As a female traveller, I would stick to present times or skip ahead to the future! Hopefully there are still planes and VR hasn’t taken over the tourist experience!


Which is your favourite international meal?

My favourite international meal is a Thali dish. I love getting a variety of things to try and I have never been given something I didn’t like. The flavours are always so good!


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What do you miss most about home when you travel?

The thing I miss most about home when I travel is the delicious Montreal bagels. Seriously, I crave them if I go without them for too long. The closest comparison I have found is Samits in Turkey.


How does travel make you feel?

Travel makes me feel like me. At home, I get restless and want to explore the world. When I am out travelling, I feel like I am in my most natural state


Where is the best party scene?

Berlin has the best party scene if you’re “in the know.” Barcelona and Shanghai are pretty great too. I’m more of a club person than a beach party person though!


Favourite travel related book?

Apparently, I like dark books because the best travel books I have read are “A House in the Sky” by Amanda Lindhout and “First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers” by Loung Ung.


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Worst piece of travel advice you’ve received?

The worst piece of travel advice I have ever received is to not quit my job and just travel on my vacation time. There were so many people who told me to keep my travelling down to 4 weeks a year, and I am glad I didn’t listen.


What’s your ritual when you get to a new destination?

My ritual when I get to a new destination is: Figure out my transport to my hostel (I try not to take a taxi). Check in to the hostel. Hide my money and passport. Ask the receptionist if there is anywhere I should NOT walk. Go for a walk to get food and water. Walk around aimlessly for a bit, then head back to the hostel to make a game plan for the rest of the day



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