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Travel Blogger Q&A Series – These are the amazing people that travel the world and share their stories on their blogs. Through this series, I aim to share a better understanding of travel bloggers apart from their blogs – a little more on the personal side of travel! Join me in this interview with Neha from Nomadic Dreamz!

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Nomadic Dreamz is all about my passion for travel and food and the experiences I have had on my travels. I hope it will also help me connect with other travel-bloggers.


What is your earliest travel memory?

My earliest travel memory is taking a trip to Goa from Pune where we lived when I was three years old. I remember loving the beach!


Have you ever cried at the airport?

Um, a couple of times. I find goodbyes a little hard to handle.


What’s your travel style?

My travel style – foodie and cultural explorer!


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What is your favourite city?

Favourite city in India – Mumbai for its energy and nightlife; favourite city in the world that I’ve visited so far – New York because it has just about everything!


What is the weirdest thing you carry while travelling?

Hmm…I don’t really carry anything weird, but I do carry a lot of medicines for eventualities 🙂


What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done on holiday?

Taken a walk on the frozen Pangong lake in -30 degrees C temperature. Felt like an adventure!




What do you collect when travelling?

Fridge magnets, small souvenirs for my display case, and some kind of local food or drink.


If you could time travel, which era and area would you choose?

I’d love to see Egypt during the time the Great Pyramid of Giza was being built!


Which is your favourite international meal?

Thai and Khmer cuisine. I discovered it during my travels and just loved the tastes.


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United Kingdom


What do you miss most about home when you travel?

My mom’s cooking 🙂


How does travel make you feel?

Travel makes me feel a part of something larger than myself, because once you go out and see the world, you can never look at things the same way.


Where is the best party scene?

I think a lot of places have amazing party scenes, be it New York or Prague or Budapest. Sometimes, travelling solo, I’ve missed having people I could explore the nightlife with. Being by yourself does limit your options sometimes.




Favourite travel related book?

All books by Bill Bryson


Worst piece of travel advice you’ve received?

“Carry Indian food with you”. People who said it meant well, but I considered it bad advice because my intention behind travelling was to explore new cultures and places and learn about them. How was I supposed to do that by remaining insulated?


What’s your ritual when you get to a new destination?

Reach my accommodation and check in. Check local listings for good restaurants nearby. Depending on the time of the day, freshen up and go for a walk to clear my head and get my bearings. Make a rough plan for the next day.


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