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Travel Blogger Q&A Series – These are the amazing people that travel the world and share their stories on their blogs. Through this series, I aim to share a better understanding of travel bloggers apart from their blogs – a little more on the personal side of travel! Join me in this interview with Rahat from Travel Trivago!

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My name is Rahat Arora I live in Jammu & Kashmir, India. I am doing travel blogging from last 1.5 years. My blog name is traveltrivago. Its very difficult to took a one name from entire world but still my favorite country is Italy and New Zealand.

What is your earliest travel memory?

I went to Reasi district in Jammu & Kashmir, India in May 2018 with 4 of my friends. There we visit to Siar Baba which is the waterfall point and temple. Also we did river rafting there as well. In all we enjoyed a lot

Have you ever cried at the airport?

I have not cried at airport because I am only traveling in India an yet to travel out of India so I have done most of the traveling by mode of railways.

What is your travel style?

I like to travel places which are more scenic so I like to explore hill stations and beaches.

What is your favorite city?

My favorite city in India is Kerala and Venice, in Italy from the world.

What’s the most adventurous thing you have done on a holiday?

Speed boating in Chamba valley located in Himachal Pradesh, India is the most adventurous thing I have done so far.

What do you collect when traveling?

While traveling I purchase local and traditional things from the shops where I travel to and a lot of pics and memories.

If you could time travel, which era and area you choose?

I could time travel I will choose New Zealand because its my dream destination.

What your favorite international meal?

I like Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine.

What do you miss about home when traveling?

I like home only for sound sleep and home food is what I miss during traveling.

How does travel make you feel?

Travel makes me feel incredible while exploring the culture, cuisine, places and most important interacting with locals to know more about their culture.

Where is the best party scene?

In India, beach side in Goa and some other southern part of India are best party scenes

Worst piece travel advice you have received?

Reply: Once I was travel to Dalhousie hill station with my family in Himachal Pradesh, India it was raining heavily and we took a tea stop and mean while tea shop owner suggest us the short cut to reach Dalhousie so we approach short cut instead of normal route. So, during our drive the short cut route was too dangerous and risky which took almost 6-7 hours to reach our destination which was 3 hours more than normal route.

What’s your ritual when you get to new destination?

During traveling firstly we searching accommodation our check in hotel and took 2-3 hours of rest if I travel by road. After that I search internet which are the nearby places an farther places to my hotel and took suggestions from hotel reception. After searching all I start exploring the place which is farther from my hotel. I believe we can check out nearby places to hotel in evening as well. During traveling I used accommodation only for rest more time I gave on exploring the destinations.


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    I agree that Do take advice from localites but use your brain.

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