Travel Bloggers Club – September 2018 Challenge!

Travel Bloggers Club – September 2018 Challenge!

Travel Bloggers Club – Blog Challenge

I belong to a global community of Travel Bloggers and I have decided to take on the challenge of creating and publishing a blog post, every second day (as a minimum) for the month of September 2018! My articles will be travel related. The challenge part is producing content on a daily basis and those that blog, know this can be a daunting task! Blogging is not just putting words together for a post – research, graphics, paragraphs, flow, relevance, SEO, keywords, staying true to your style and niche is hard work. I have taken on this challenge to put my creativity to task, as well as boost my confidence in creating content. So here goes!

A bit about me!


The moment I realized travel is for me…

Taking my first solo trip – away from my home country was terrifying and at the same time, exhilarating. Little me was traveling, by my lonesome, across continents and taking on the world. This was the moment I realized travel was for me, and if I can do it by myself, there was little else I wouldn’t challenge myself to do.


Why do I love travelling?

Traveling has boosted my confidence, independence and my passion for learning about other cultures. I often hear people talk about visiting X number of countries and it’s an admiral achievement, but I also feel that traveling isn’t about how many countries you’ve been to but the experiences you’ve had, the locals you’ve connected with and the history of the place you’ve learned about.Arriving at a new place, not knowing what to expect and just taking everything in – the sights, the languages, the food and overall experience is definitely why I love traveling!



My favourite place to travel to…

India – and I can’t name a specific city because everywhere you go to in India is a mind-blowing experience! The city life is evolving and visiting one of India’s bigger cities during this evolution is amazing. The villages are simple and make you appreciate the little things that you would usually take for granted! Oh! and the food – such a delight!

My #1 travel tip for saving money…

Set up a separate savings account for travel. Every month or week, add to it, no matter how little it may seem. Commit to doing this a few months before you plan to travel. This may not be the bulk of your travel money but it will help along the way! Every cent counts!



My favourite continent to visit…

Well, I haven’t been to every continent yet, but it’s on my list! My favourite has to be North America as this is the continent I’ve most explored to date!


Travel Bloggers Club

Travel Bloggers Club is a global online community of approximately 4.5K travel bloggers. The aim of the group is to support each other by: building relationships with travel bloggers, engagement with travel bloggers, networking, sharing information and knowledge, helping each other to grow via threads and engagement posts, providing collaboration opportunities and making new friends!

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0 thoughts on “Travel Bloggers Club – September 2018 Challenge!

  1. So truee about the travelling experience is not on the number but what you experience along the way and what it has taught you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Loved reading your mini interview, and good luck with the challenge, so glad you are doing it with all of us. I am looking forward to your posts this month.

  3. I’m absolutely with you on the saving for travel. When temptation to spend the money elsewhere rises, I’ve been known to calculate the miles I’ve already funded! Good luck for the challenge.

  4. I love your tips for saving to travel. We have the same account we save in. We add a little from our regular account whenever the balance has an odd number or isnโ€™t rounded off properly! We have a lot saved up so far, enough for a trip actually.

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