Travel Types – What’s yours?

Travel Types – What’s yours?

People travel for various reasons – it can be a journey of self-discovery, for others a broadening of cultural horizons or even a culinary quest. Everyone has different types of traveling – some may have a combination of a few styles.


The Explorer

You travel to gain a deeper understanding of architecture and history.   You want to learn about the culture and heritage of places and you enjoy imparting your new-found knowledge to others. Your travels are well documented with photography, videos, and articles in a journal.  You prefer to stay at luxury hotels and like to travel in style, comfort and security.  You like to visit all of the important landmarks and museums, so a very articulate schedule is followed to ensure the ultimate experiences.


The Thrill Seeker

You have an insatiable need to travel and experience everything exciting. You like traveling with your tribe and encouraging others to find adventure in their travels. You are not concerned with planning or where you stay, as long as you are in the thick of the action. Your energy is contagious and you need a picture/video or 2 of your adventures to share with your followers.



The Backpacker

Travel feeds your soul. Immersing yourself in the culture and day-to-day life of the people of a place is something that comes to you naturally. You tend to enjoy slow travel and extended periods of stay. You can be found at hostels, eating local food and drinking beer at the local watering hole. The Free-Spirits of travel – traveling far and traveling light.




The Occasional

You usually only travel to attend a function, convention, sporting event or concert. Your trip revolves around the occasion you are traveling for. All your money goes into preparing for the and finding the best places to stay close to the event. It’s not even about travel at this point…it’s all about the occasion.



The Holiday-Maker

You book the best hotel with every amenity you can think of so you don’t have to leave the hotel at all. You travel during peak seasons (work/school holiday time) and you will stay for 7-14 days. Your itinerary is pretty non-existent and you will usually go with the flow of the group you are traveling with.



The Foodie

Non-stop eating vibes. You will sample everything there is to taste. You visit the most expensive restaurants at your destination but will also indulge in street food as a midnight snack. Room service is on speed dial in case you come across something that looks good to order. Food festivals at the best.



The Nature Lover

You want to venture to the unexplored and uncharted territories. You shy away from urban city locales, and seek to expand their world-view with indigenous, non-mainstream experiences. A cabin on the lake, or a mountainous terrain is ideal. You indulge in hiking and cycling long trails and sitting around camp fires in the evenings. You hope to see and expose your travel companions to the beauty of natural scenery of the world.



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Hello Yeshi

22 thoughts on “Travel Types – What’s yours?

  1. I feel like I am a hybrid of so many! Definitely a backpacker but I don’t really do slow travel. I am too impatient to stay for too long at the same place. Definitely a foodie, I would travel for hours to hunt down that one local favourite. Also, an explorer more than a nature lover in terms of I enjoy culture and history more than nature.

    1. I also feel like I don’t really fit into one single category – also sometimes there are different reasons for travels! I wanted to compile a list were everyone could identify with a few types!

  2. This was fun to read 🙂
    I think there is a little of several of these in me. I identify a lot with the explorer, thrill seeker, backpacker and nature lover! If I have to choose one I think it would be the explorer, apart from the luxury bit haha.

  3. What a fun post! I’m definitely a mix of these. I’m a foodie who loves trying local foods, a thrill seeker who loves an adrenaline rush, and an explorer who likes to gain a deeper understanding of my travel destination.

  4. Lured by your attractive title, I immediately recognized myself in the first profile! I am the typical explorer who loves splurging in the most enchanting boutique hotels in the worlds! Nicely written and very enjoyable post!

  5. 3-in-1: Explorer, foodie and nature lover lol. Mostly explorer because I really do love to explore cities and towns and their culture/architecture. Exploring needs food to replenish all those calories and of course, anywhere with quiet nature is gorgeous to me.

    1. Definitely – I also don’t just see myself as just one! When I’m traveling with family, I’m just a holiday maker & foodie! Solo – explorer and nature lover!

  6. I’m such an explorer and foodie mix!! This was so fun to read and ponder on who I am!! This would be fun to do as a poll as well! Cheers!

  7. We are explorers, nature lovers and foodies! Which is strange, because we have a lot of severe food allergies- so we have to work hard to find safe foods when we travel but we LOVE finding good meals and treats. Especially treats!

  8. I think I’m a little bit of all of the travel types you’ve mentioned (except maybe the holiday-maker)! I love food, adventure, excitement, culture, history and immersing myself in a place. But I also travel for functions (Well, I tag on when my mom travels for functions and I can get a free hotel room).

  9. I am a perfect combo of explorer and thrill seeker. Great post and great descriptions. Definitely no longer a backpacker, although I don’t think I ever was even though I tried to be when I was younger.

  10. I am no the Holiday-Maker 😛 But rest, I am all. And I think a travel blogger is “the explorer” category. But I personally think there should be a “the photographer” category too.

  11. Hello, Yeshi! Meet the thrill seeker here! I do enjoy nature, doing something extreme every now and then, trying the local food, or even going backpacking sometimes. But it’s the first category I fit in best 🙂

  12. Such a nice post, love how nicely you describe the different kinds of travelers. I’m definitely a backpacker, it has basically been my lifestyle for the last two years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way:)

  13. I am such a mish-mash of all of these. I’m lucky in that I get to travel solo, with my husband and son and with friends. This variety of travel helps me tap into all the facets of my travel personality.

  14. Fabulous post, enjoyed deciding which one I am – after 10 minutes lol decided I am a foodie / explorer :).

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